Hola, I’m Lucas Di Mattia.
Designer who codes from Córdoba, Argentina.

I'm a detail obsessed user interface designer and front-end web developer.
Design systems advocate, in love with CSS challenges and creative coding.
Occasional speaker and user experience advisor.
Happy father & husband. If there's no coffee, let there be nothing.



What's the point of having a Design System? (In Spanish)

Different definitions and a review of the benefits that a Design System brings to companies and design teams.

——  Sep 16, 2021

Design Systems: Component prioritization (In Spanish)

Exercise to prioritize elements for our design system, that allowed us to coordinate the next steps and agree on new components.

——  Jun 9, 2020

Redesigning the physical sales channel of Naranja (In Spanish)

Naranja began a process of digital evolution in 2017. Within this framework, we describe the design process of the new physical branches.

——  Jan 29, 2020

365 days in Naranja (In Spanish)

A year ago I started working at Naranja as a UI Designer. Here are some of the things I saw and learned along the way.

——  Jan 3, 2019


Jersey Design Playground

Design and compare beautiful soccer jerseys patterns, free and in your browser. No downloads required.

⚛️ React 🌈 CSS Gradients 🏁 Pattern Design 🖋 SVG
Map of Unlikely Architectures

Map of hidden, strange, incredible and bizarre places around the world.

⚛️ React 🗺 Mapbox 🔌 Notion API ⚡️ NextJS
100 Patterns

100 pure CSS patterns to play with. All code is open and ready to grab and use in your own project.

⚛️ React 🌈 CSS Gradients 🏁 Pattern Design
Córdoba Tourism Guide

Maapu is a urban guide, with all the information on what to do, where to go and what to eat in Córdoba.

⚛️ React 🔌 Notion API